Green Ideas For Your Workshop

Do you have a workshop in your garage or basement? If you do, here are a few corners you can cut to lessen your carbon imprint on the environment:

· Don’t leave your power tools plugged in all the time. If they have a little light on them to show that they are on, you are using electricity.

· If you have cordless tools and a battery recharger, that, too, is a constant drain on electricity. Nickel cadmium batteries will hold some charge for up to a year, losing about 15% each month. Since it only takes a couple hours to power up, why not plug them in before you shower and eat breakfast, and they will be ready to go when you are ready to work. By the way, if you have new tools that use the lithium ion batteries, they only lose from 2-5% each month!

· Wood shavings, sawdust, or even the superfine dust your dust collection system captures, can be dampened, thrown on the concrete floor and pushed Stock Market Analysis with a stiff broom to pick up everything. It works just as well as a shop vac, but doesn’t shoot all that crap into the air you have to breathe. So it is saving your lungs and eyes, as well as electricity.

· Make a paste of baking soda and vinegar, and use a scouring pad to remove rust. Sprinkle it on oil and grease spills on that concrete floor. Let it absorb and then scrape it off. Or make a water, baking soda paste, spread it on your chrome, let it dry, and then buff it off. You don’t need all those chemicals!

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