The Finest Sound Cancelling Bluetooth Earbuds

Can you think of anything that can outdo Bluetooth earbuds? How about Noise Cancelling Bluetooth earbuds? Exactly, it’s now possible to find earbuds which merges the lack of restrictions of wireless listening with the acoustic isolation of ambient sound cancellation.

Noise Cancellation is a technology which actively cancels ambient sound taking place outside your headphones. This is done using a microphone embedded in the earpiece that observes the ambient noises, produces an opposite waveform signal, and plays it back through the earpiece. This cancels the ambient sound heard by the listener and leaves only the sound that is meant to be heard through the earbuds, like music from your iPod.

This technology is ideal for locations where the ambient sounds is very loud, such as on public transportation, airplanes, an office or anyplace where there are many people nearby. Ambient noise cancelling earbuds allow you to listen to music or audio books without needing to turn up the volume to levels that may be uncomfortable. This can save you from causing irreversible injury to your ear drums, which can be a problem when listening to music too TWS gaming low latency wireless Bluetooth earbuds on earbuds.

Now that we have reviewed what this technology can do, let’s go over the highest rated noise cancelling Bluetooth earbuds available on the market now. While there are in reality only two products in this category that we would suggest, more are likely to come out in the near future as the technology becomes easier and more cost-effective to make.

The Samsung Modus HM3500 is an exceptional headset in that it merges stereo Bluetooth earbuds with a mono Bluetooth headset. The mono headset acts as a typical in-ear set of earphones would, resting over the ear and useful primarily for making phone calls. However, included with this product is a pair of headphones that you can connect to the mono headset, utilizing the Bluetooth connection to listen to audio in stereo.

This is an excellent feature for people who travel long distances who expect to be making phone calls and listening to their headphones. It can sometimes be awkward to pick up a phone call with stereo earbuds in, and this product offers the ideal functionality to bridge the gap between Bluetooth headsets for phone calls and music.

Of course this unit also employs great ambient noise cancellation in both the headset and earbuds. The package includes all you need to get started including, 2 Stereo Adapters, 2 Earhooks, and 3 Ear Gels.

The other recommended product is the Plantronics BackBeat 906headset. This headset is excellent for those of you with an active lifestyle. The solid earbud design makes sure that these earphones stay secure while you’re moving about. And because they have exceptional ambient sound cancelling technology, these headphones are excellent for use in the gym if you want to drown out the muzak playing overhead.

Using the quick button press you can answer calls on this set of earbuds utilizing it’s microphone that is embedded. The noise cancellation really shines when it comes to the embedded mic. Calls are clearer and your voice is transmitted very cleanly. A further cool technology included is called Open Mic. When this is enabled, the embedded mic plays the noises in your earshot so that you can switch to be able to hear what’s happening where you are without requiring you to remove the earphones.

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